HIPAA Compliance in Dallas

How to Become HIPAA Compliant - Guide for Dallas Healthcare Providers

The topic of HIPAA compliance is one that can confuse and scare…
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Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in the Construction Industry

Like every other business, Construction Companies are vulnerable…
How to Become HIPAA Compliant - Guide for Dallas Healthcare Providers - image file-sharing-for-construction-495x400 on https://totalit.com

Multi Location and Job Site File Sharing Solutions for Construction Companies

Construction companies and General Contractors face unique challenges…
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outsourced IT support

How outsourced IT support can make you leaner, meaner and more efficient

Outsourced IT support is an excellent tool for making your small business more productive and efficient. Here are five of the strategic advantages of outsourced IT support you should be aware of if you want your company to be lean, mean and as efficient as possible.
outsourced IT support

4 things you can expect from amazing outsourced IT support

You want the best thing for your business, and that means considering all your options. Here are just a few of the amazing benefits of choosing outsourced IT support from a managed service provider (MSP): network security, disaster recovery planning, IT consulting, and network monitoring.
cloud security - cloud computing

How security gets integrated into cloud computing

Security is a legitimate issue when considering how you approach your cloud usage. While the major cloud computing service providers constantly update their security protocols and protections, the vast amount of data across the cloud makes them a tempting target for all manner of bad actors.

What is the cloud in simple terms?

You've been told that the cloud is an opportunity for your business to unshackle itself from expensive and clunky processes and hardware. With a few simple changes, your business operations can become agile and sleek, resulting in both immediate and long-term benefits.
IT consultant

Why your business needs an IT consultant

There was a time in history when running an operative business…
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The SMB owner's quick and dirty guide to VoIP

While small and medium-sized businesses think Voice Over Internet…