Spam Filtering

Spam is a threat to every kind of business and can be a massive waste of time for employees. Unfortunately, spam can attack in various ways, so it’s not always easy to prevent it. With organized spam filtering, you can save your business time and money by blocking any threats before they have a chance to affect you or your employees. Spam filters utilize diverse technology to determine risky messages and scan attachments for malicious intent, among other actions aimed to prevent malicious software. Ensuring your business is safe, and spam-free is easy with spam filtering.

Stop spam in its tracks

Spam is a frustration that no business or person ever wants to deal with. It can range from annoying advertising to full-scale malware attacks – all landing directly in the inboxes of your staff. Often people are unaware when they receive an email or attachment that is aimed to harm their device or system. Educating employees on how to recognize spam is just the beginning. To stop the initial onslaught of spam, turn to our filtering solution. We can eliminate operation disruption due to spam, as well as keeping your systems more secure overall. Every business needs to consider spam filtering if they want to stop spam in its tracks.

What do you get with spam filtering?

With spam filtering, you get a comprehensive solution for a widespread problem. Spam is a frustrating thing to deal with, especially when you’re running a business and want to keep your data and information secure. Total IT offers spam filtering services that mean you won’t even have to think about spam anymore. The filter will declutter and sort spam messages from real messages while also scanning for malicious messages or data. You won’t have to worry about clicking a harmful link or downloading an infected attachment anymore. Here’s a summary of what Total IT spam filtering can do for your company:

  • Comprehensive protection of your infrastructure from DDoS attacks.
  • Decluttering and intelligent sorting of spam messages from genuine messages.
  • Active scanning and quarantining of suspected malicious messages and data.

Stay reputable

With spam filters in place, you can rest easy knowing your clients and contacts won’t receive spam and viruses if your systems are infected. Filtering out potential dangers will prevent your employees from opening emails they shouldn’t. Spam filtering will catch any links, files, or other communications meant to harm your device before they can do any damage. You never want to be involved in a data breach or have to tell clients that their private information has been compromised. With a spam filtering service, you’ll never have to worry about your reputation because your business will remain safe and secure.


Stay secure

Spam filters stop phishing attacks, ransomware, viruses, and more from entering your systems. It’s a critical part of a successful cybersecurity posture. Most businesses have sensitive data and information that they need to protect. Spam filtering will ensure you stay secure and can continue to operate successfully. Malicious software can be a considerable threat to businesses and encompasses a variety of different cyberthreats that can target your business and employees. Avoiding all forms of spam, phishing, ransomware, and other attacks is easier with spam filtering.


Stay focused

Email inboxes can quickly become a total mess. Our spam filtering service keeps them clear of junk, letting you focus on the mission-critical data. Stopping spam from entering your inbox will save you and your employees time, which in turn will save your company money. Potential issues will be sorted before they become an issue for you. When was the last time you were interrupted by a questionable email? Did you recognize it as spam right away? Filtering will take out the guessing game and keep you focused.

How does spam filtering work?

Modern spam filters use a variety of technologies to determine which messages are risky. They run the sender’s information against databases of known threats, and they scan attachments for malicious programs. There’s also machine learning at play – among many other new features added regularly. By using spam filtering services through Total IT, you can rest assured that your protection will change as systems are updated and as your business grows. Our solutions will shift and evolve with you, leaving you to focus on your business and nothing else.

Without a filter, inboxes will fill up with spam emails. Using a spam filtering service will entirely prevent spam from even reaching your inbox. They look at the sender’s information and scan any attachments to locate dangerous items. The spam filter will either flag these junk emails and send them to a different folder or simply delete them. This system saves people valuable time and money without a second thought. By providing this service to your business, you make a sound investment that will pay off time and again.

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Stay spam-free

You’ve got mail – and it’s not spam. Use our spam filtering solution to free your organization from receiving suspicious, irrelevant, and annoying messages ever again. Keep everyone safe from cyberthreats and ensure your business will run smoothly without any spam. Companies large and small can benefit from spam filtering services, and a dedicated team will make sure your filters are customized to your business’s needs.

Network security

As of the most recently reported period, spam messages accounted for 48.16% of email traffic worldwide.”

– Statista

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