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Your Data, Secured

Every competitive company, organization, or business enterprise needs a robust data recovery plan in place in case of a potential disaster. Secure your company’s critical information and guarantee that you always have backup copies using the great data backup solutions offered right here at Total IT.

No one ever wants to experience any data loss, let alone essential documents and data concerning your business or company. Reliable data backup solutions help keep stress levels low when those heart-stopping moments happen after deletion, accidents, or worse. We know how important it is to have access to the information you need at the drop of a hat. Implementing our trusted data security solutions ensures that there are always backups and copies of critical data. When you’re working with Total IT for affordable and effective data backup solutions, you’re still covered no matter what kind of data security disaster comes your way.

What Will You Receive With Our Stellar Data Backup Solutions?

Total IT is a Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, IT company offering valuable data backup solutions at affordable prices. Call us today to learn more about our outstanding data backup services and start seeing immediate improvements in your company’s security, efficiency levels, and productivity. Here are just a few of the excellent advantages your organization will get when you put effective data backup solutions in place:

  • Instant access to secure offsite data backup storage using a trusted internet connection.
  • US government-grade data encryption technology minimizes the harmful impacts of potential cyberthreats.
  • Control your backup scheduling with customizable solutions. With Total IT’s data backup solutions, you call the shots on when backups occur, what is included in each backup, and how much data you want to copy.

Total IT has extensive experience working with organizations of all sizes in the DFW area and beyond. Call us today to learn more about our services and receive a complimentary quote. We’ll work within your budget to build a useful data backup plan to protect your business.

Don’t Go Without Data Backup Solutions

Unsurprisingly, most business owners want the utmost levels of security and protection for critical and confidential company information. Data backup solutions from Total IT provide comprehensive disaster protection, enabling your business to stay productive and competitive instead of worrying about IT issues.

Keep all necessary data right at your fingertips regardless of deletions, accidents, disasters, or other cybersecurity threats. At Total IT, we tighten your data security, create multiple data copies, and recover information for you as necessary using practical, affordable data backup solutions.

Rapid Recovery

When you own a business, you need to be ready for all of the wild curveballs that life can certainly be known to throw throughout the years. If disaster ever strikes, you want to be wholly prepared to handle the situation without prolonging the issues any further.

Total IT equips organizations in the DFW area and businesses across the country with robust disaster recovery strategies, so you can still stay operational through even the most difficult times. With data backup infrastructure in place from Total IT, you can recover critical files, documents, and other data faster than ever before possible.

Added Redundancy

Here at Total IT, we understand the importance of adequate data storage and backup. But these data storage and recovery solutions are of no use to a business owner if the sole backup gets lost along the way, too. Thus, we carry out additional redundancies in data copying to ensure that your data remains safe at all times.

Making multiple copies of your critical information can be a time-consuming task, so many business owners gloss over this great idea. If backing up your data an extra time or two is too dull, time-consuming, or you’re just not that technologically savvy, don’t worry. We’ll clone and store copies of your data both on and off-site so that you can rest easy knowing that if anything ever happens to your data, it’s not the only copy. Data recovery and backup solutions for businesses are made simple with support from the experts at Total IT.

Reduced Costs

In-house and on-site data backup solutions can be expensive, wasting time and resources for organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and businesses beyond. One excellent solution to save money, time and guarantee that your data is always intact is to secure your business with Total IT’s data backup solutions.

Outsourcing your IT services, including data backup, storage, and recovery, to a Dallas-Fort Worth IT company like us allows you to focus on the work that matters most. Off-site data backups from Total IT require minimal maintenance and no new equipment, making it easy for our IT technicians to provide expert solutions at affordable prices to fit any business’s budget.

Protect your organization with outstanding data backup solutions from Total IT and trust that you’re always safe from the potential loss of important client and company information.

The Total IT Way

Our primary focus as a trusted Dallas-Fort Worth IT company is to offer outstanding services and solutions to every client, all at an affordable price. Since 2013, our team of highly-trained IT professionals has provided practical solutions for any organization’s IT requirements. Call us today to learn more about what makes Total IT a reliable, trusted name in IT services and solutions.

We strive to cultivate long-lasting relationships with our customers in Dallas-Fort Worth and other areas across the United States. Clients are always our top priority, and we proudly emphasize these excellent advantages of working with Total IT:

  • Total IT takes care of all the tedious, time-consuming IT tasks and issues, so you can focus on continually improving your business.
  • Our services are entirely stable, sustainable, and trustworthy. The Total IT team is always ready for any technological issues that come our way.
  • Different businesses need unique IT solutions, so we offer a customized approach to our expert IT services. Contact us to find a tailored solution that suits your company.
  • Total IT proudly provides top-notch customer service, impressive response times, and personalized care for all of our clients.

Data backup isn’t something to take lightly, and you need all aspects of your business’s critical information to be covered. Total IT can develop a customized solution that fits perfectly with your business’s budget and needs. Take the next step towards lock-tight data security and talk to an expert at Total IT today.

Total Data Backup Solutions

Outdated data backup systems like tape backups are especially prone to failure. Losing critical information is a significant setback for any business or organization, so you need total data backup solutions that you can trust. Utilize Total IT’s practical and affordable backup services for your business and receive a foolproof solution that will never fail you.

When you need full protection and reliable security, trust Total IT to deliver the most exceptional data backup services an IT company can offer. With our practical backup tools, your business will never have to worry about losing or going without its data ever again. Get in contact with Total IT today to implement valuable data backup solutions and see improvements in your company’s productivity across the board.

You don’t have time to be worrying about errant technology. We’re here to help you scale and evolve with the right technology for your needs.

Leave it to Total IT to keep your business running smoothly with top-quality IT support and solutions.

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