Content Filtering

A Proactive Approach To Protecting Your Business.

What You Get With Web Content Filtering

At Total IT, we provide web content filtering services that can be incredibly valuable to your enterprise. Protect confidential information and ensure the highest levels of security with our high-functioning content filtering solutions. Some of the most beneficial aspects of having web content filtering in place include:

  • Managing what your employees can and cannot search for on company systems.
  • Recording browser history and IP queries
  • Keeping employees away from unsavory content by blocking specific keywords, categories, or URLs.
  • Ensuring that staff stays productive by optimizing your bandwidth usage.

Why Content Filtering Services?

No matter how careful your employees are, any business is at risk of becoming an unwitting victim of cyberattacks. With Total IT’s content filtering services in place, company’s can receive robust protection against unforeseen threats. Even better, our expert services are effective in eliminating cybersecurity threats in their entirety, taking your business’s security strength to the next level.

With web content filtering in place, there are other advantages aside from the additional online protection. Content filters also minimize distractions from unsavory, time-wasting websites and stop staff from visiting websites that make your organization vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Web content filtering is a proven method to prevent employees from opening potential phishing scams and clicking on other harmful links. Total IT implements web content filtering for businesses that build up security levels and eliminate threats before they ever even become an issue. Content filtering from Total IT allows business owners to have complete control over their organization’s entire network. Securing web content filtering services is seriously a no-brainer for any business.



Every business or organization needs high-quality network security to ensure that all necessary information remains secure and any cyber threats are blocked immediately. The best way to improve your company’s cybersecurity is with web content filtering from Total IT.

We are a Dallas-Fort Worth IT company offering expert solutions at affordable rates. Stop employees from visiting unsafe websites while they work and minimize threats to your network with high-quality content filtering from Total IT.



Although it’s impossible to employ teams that function at 100% peak efficiency at all times, there are some unique and valuable ways to improve productivity amongst your employees. One great advantage of web content filtering is that it helps increase productivity by making it possible for business owners to block certain social media apps, streaming services, and other time-wasting websites.

Put an end to wasted time and resources so your company can truly take off. With web content filtering from Total IT, you can pick and choose the websites you want to restrict, ensuring that employees focus on improving your organization’s efficiency levels.



Choose Total IT as your trusted Dallas-Fort Worth information technology company to ensure vast improvements in your organization’s efficiency across the board. Our outstanding web content filtering solutions enable you to manage your network traffic and limit access to work-related browsing within your company. Imposing these limitations helps keep your business’s bandwidth performance at peak levels.

Gain Control of Your Content

Successful companies can ensure higher efficiency levels among their employees and improved cybersecurity with high-quality web content filtering solutions in place. When it comes to your business or organization, both security and productivity should be top priorities. Work with Total IT to put web content filtering in place and see improvements in both of these areas immediately.

Total IT’s high-quality and comprehensive content filtering services make it easy for business owners to take control of the content their employees can access, cutting down on wasted resources with the organization. We offer super-strong cybersecurity solutions, aiming to eliminate the risk of intrusion from malware, phishing scams, harmful content, and so much more.

Keep time-wasting to a minimum while making it virtually impossible for your staff to access harmful links and sites with web content filtering services from Total IT. Give us a call now and learn more about why you need to take control of your company with our superb web content filtering solutions for businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond.

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