File sharing

All the bells & whistles, none of the hassle

Consumer file sharing solutions simply don’t cut it in the business world. They aren’t customized to your needs; they won’t secure your data properly, and they will eventually become too costly to maintain.

But when you partner with us, we can provide your team with a unique, enterprise-level file sharing solution that takes care of all your needs — and then some.

What do you get with file sharing?

  • Keep your files secure with advanced security integrations and admin controls
  • Sync your files with any connected device and share information instantly
  • Never run out of space with automatic and hardware-free storage upgrades
  • Budget for your IT better with a flat rate for all your file sharing needs

How does file sharing work?

With powerful admin controls and security integrations, our solution automatically syncs data between servers, connected devices, and the cloud. This file sharing solution gives employees the ability to access files from any device, collaborate with employees from anywhere, and sync and share files with zero limitations and no hassle.

Consumer File Sharing

A file sharing solution that means business

Why work with a consumer-grade file sharing solution if you don’t have to? Transition to a solution that was made for business and start collaborating with more features, more security, and just more in general.

Network security

56% of businesses say a mobile strategy is extremely important to their objectives.”

Questions about file sharing?

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