IT Services for Construction & Engineering

Not Your Typical Office Environment

Construction and Engineering companies face unique technological challenges not seen in the typical office environment. With multiple office locations and several temporary job site offices, these types of company’s need reliable connectivity so they can complete their projects on time, and on budget.

Technology is crucial to quoting, managing projects, collaborating with your teams, and gaining access to the information you need. Because of this, it’s imperative that you keep your systems functioning at optimal efficiency with 24/7 monitoring and support. A construction industry-focused IT provider can make sure you get that support, while also offering tailored solutions to meet your specific company’s needs.

Total IT is experienced in working with a variety of construction teams, and we’re ready to help you safeguard and enhance your technology so it can do some heavy lifting for you.

We Understand Construction & Engineering

Cloud Services

Enterprise File Sharing Solutions

All your offices, including temporary job site locations, need reliable connectivity and file sharing so your teams can collaborate efficiently and effectively. Our Enterprise File Sharing Solution (EFSS) means your team can share data efficiently and securely and can manage permissions for team members and subcontractors.

Communication = collaboration

IT Security & Compliance

Do you hold contracts with the government or have to comply with data protection regulations? Our cybersecurity controls will ensure you’re in compliance with all cybersecurity regulations. With compliance also comes the peace-of-mind that your company’s data is secure and protected should you encounter a cyber threat or hardware failure.


IT Strategy

Technology can have an incredible impact on construction and engineering firms, and we have an expert team on hand to help you reap the rewards of modern systems and software that can save time, effort, and money and improve project management. We can help you get the best results for your office, your organization, your customers and your staff.

Office Productivity & Collaboration

Downtime is something no business enjoys dealing with, however, this is common place for IT systems that are not maintained, upgraded, and supported. Total IT’s Managed IT Services for construction and engineering companies, minimized the IT risks that cause downtime. We managed your network through process-driven IT and provide the IT support your organization needs to remain productive and the tools necessary to boost collaboration and efficiency.

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