Network Assessments and Audits

What’s the state of your network?

Without ongoing network assessments and audits, you’ll never know for sure how your network is performing. Is it inefficient? Vulnerable to outside threats? Costing you more money than it should? Knowing the answers to these questions is essential to understanding how your network works and where it can improve.

With routine network assessments and audits from a professional IT provider, you’ll know exactly what’s happening inside your network. As a business owner, you won’t have to worry about security weaknesses or equipment assessments, leaving you time to focus on growing your business. With a dedicated IT provider like Total IT, you’ll have personalized network assessments and audits, plus you can enjoy access to a team of experts who can answer any technical questions you may have.

Total IT will help you optimize your network and grow your business. Leave the hard IT work to us and spend your time expanding your business.

What do you get with network assessments and audits?

  • In-depth client interviews to assess business needs and operations.
  • Vulnerability testing to uncover weaknesses.
  • Comprehensive assessments of all equipment.
  • Thorough documentation on network findings and recommendations.

Uncover Weaknesses

What’s putting your business at risk? Let’s work together to identify vulnerabilities and holes within your network. By uncovering any vulnerabilities, we can make your network more robust and more secure.


Provide You With Next Steps

Now that you know what’s going on, what should you do next? We’ll plan and prioritize those steps for you to ensure your network avoids weaknesses and is audited regularly. Our team of experts develop a personalized plan for your business and its unique network.


Remain Efficient

Just because your network works fine now doesn’t mean it’ll work great later. But with recurring assessments, we’ll make sure that it does. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your network when you choose to hire an IT service provider.

How Do Network Assessments and Audits Work?

Everything starts with an initial interview. Our team will understand what’s going on, what you need out of our partnership, and what your operational hurdles are. Once we know this information, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment and audit of your network infrastructure.

Our ultimate goal? To uncover and eliminate network inefficiencies, vulnerabilities, and unnecessary expenditures.


Let’s Get Started

Are you ready to improve and better secure your business? If so, it’s time to run a full assessment on your network. Together, we can understand what’s going on, so we can take the necessary next steps to grow your organization.

Network security

A network assessment is the first step in the process – providing network administrators with the insight into where their networks stand today and allowing them to both allocate appropriate resources to existing applications as well as plan for the installation of new critical ones.”

– Tech Talk powered
by GFI Software

Our Process

We are proud of our well-developed process at Total IT, which allows us to get to know our clients’ businesses and personal needs in order to create the best solutions. Broadcast and radio companies alike will revel in the personal connection we make with every client and know that our solutions will be completely personalized to your needs. Our approach consists of five steps:

  • Meet
  • Dig deep
  • Talk strategy
  • Take action
  • Move forward

The first step in our process is a meeting to get to know each other. We want to learn all about your business and the technology you use to support your company, whether in broadcasting or radio. Our team will ask you questions to determine what you want out of your technology, such as growth, security, or flexibility. No matter what the goal is, we will discuss it together so that we leave with a clear understanding of your business and your IT goals. 

The next step is to dip deep into where you already are with technology and how far you need to go. We know AoIP is a relatively new technology and that there can be many challenges when incorporating it into your broadcasting or radio business. Furthermore, you’re probably using many other forms of technology to operate. We will always make sure we take care of all of your technology needs so that you can focus on your business instead of technology problems. 

Our third step is to design a strategy that will work for your broadcasting or radio business. Once we have a good idea of your operations, we will suggest a plan that works with your personal needs. The final step is to take action. Total IT will ensure you have a dedicated point of contact and a team of experts at your disposal for any questions or concerns you may have. We will also make sure to adjust your plans in the future when necessary. As you grow, so will your company’s IT plans. This process we’ve created is dedicated to creating the best strategy for your radio or broadcasting business by knowing everything about you and your IT needs.

The Total IT Way

If you couldn’t already tell, working with Total IT will be a completely personalized experience for you and your business. Our top priority as a trusted Dallas-Fort Worth IT company is to offer the best solutions and services to all of our clients at an affordable price. We know that running a business is hard work. We want to take away the guesswork and stress of worrying about technology by helping you out.

Our team of highly skilled IT professionals has been helping businesses with practical solutions since 2013. We always strive to cultivate long-lasting relationships with our customers in Dallas-Fort Worth and other areas across the United States. Our clients are the reason we come to work every day, and we know they rely on us to offer the best IT services and solutions.

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Is your business lacking vital data and network security? Contact Total IT today to start discussing your personalized managed security solution. Our IT experts will work with you to create a plan that fits your business and its unique technology needs.

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