Below are many of the things I talked about while on the TWiRT Podcast. Feel free to reach out to me, with any questions or comments! I will also be posting some additional security tips soon!

Meraki, also by Cisco makes a line of routers / firewalls with advanced protection features that are enterprise-grade, for a fraction of the price. They are a breeze to work with and the cloud-based setup is great. If you have multiple locations or even studio-transmitter that are separate, the automatic, self healing SD-WAN/VPN is unmatched. As for security, it has Cisco AMP and Advanced Threat Protection available and the subscription model ensures you are always up-to-date. They make switches and wireless devices, too, but I prefer UniFI for that (see next recommendation) Check them out here.

My absolute favorite line of gear is the Unifi / Ubiquity line of products. Not only do these devices present a great value, they represent a constantly evolving community of products. The flexible setup allows you to monitor and control devices from your own (free!) controller, or to control with a “cloud key” cloud-based controller for a nominal cost. Their wireless access points are as good as or better than the “other guys” and their switching is amazing. The USG firewalls are at a great price point, easy to implement and have many features only found in much larger units. The controller is completely customize able, has a web interface and mobile apps, which allows you to make sure everything is going smoothly or even make changes anytime, anywhere! If you need a wireless, IP based solution for long distance STL links, I have used many of their devices for this purpose too! Check them out here.

The Cisco Umbrella line of products is one of the best when it comes to DNS filtering and overall network protection. They are one of the best protections around for zero-day exploits and ransomware. They also do a bang up job of protecting against bad websites or even typos that may lead your users to sites you don’t want them on. I should also mention they have traditional content filtering as well. Check it out here.

‘Skip The Ransomware’ – This Week In Radio Tech Podcast – TWiRT Ep. 446