What Is Managed Services?

I’m not a fan of this industry term because it’s not very logical for someone who isn’t in the IT industry to hear, and instantly know what it means. To complicate things more, different companies offer different services within their “managed services”.

A good, general definition I share with people now is this:

A Managed Service Provider takes care of IT stuff for businesses.

What Is Managed Services

In the most general terms, it typically means they install network and monitoring software, so that they have the ability to easily see and fix problems, often before the client even knows about them.

It can also be referred to as a complete solution for ALL THINGS relating Information Technology at a business, including tech support, antivirus, servers, data backup, cloud solutions, phones, content filtering, email, spam filtering, security, and so on.

Let’s figure out exactly what “managed services” means to your business – and if it’s even something you need to consider.

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