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7 Reasons Your Business Needs Content Filtering

Every business needs an IT strategy that includes virus protection, cloud backup, and content filtering, among other services. For those who aren’t familiar with it, content filtering is the practice of blocking access to content on the web that could be offensive, dangerous, or inappropriate. Families use it to block material unsuitable for children, but it also has an important place in the business world to help reduce malware infections and ensure efficient network connection. Investing in trusted content filtering services can give your business peace of mind and protection from unknown threats. Here are seven of the top reasons why your business needs content filtering:

  • Reduced malware infections
  • Protection against cyber attacks
  • Better network efficiency
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Minimized company liability
  • Reduce inappropriate content
  • Stop illegal content

What is Content Filtering?

Web content filtering actively blocks access to content that could be malicious, inappropriate, or offensive. Hardware and software-based solutions work to create rules surrounding what types of sites can be safely visited. Any sites that are deemed unsafe are blocked on the business network with content filtering. If your business needs to ensure data integrity, then investing in web content filtering services should be the first step. By blocking potential viruses, inappropriate or illegal content, and keeping your network running efficiently, you will ensure company safety on all of your networks and devices. Stopping any malicious activity before it reaches your business is the best way to stay safe and secure. 

Why Your Business Needs Content Filtering

The seven points listed in detail below explain the reasons why your company needs content filtering. Not only is content filtering considered one of the best proactive measures to combat malware, but it can also increase staff productivity and decrease liabilities in regards to inappropriate or illegal content that might be shared over the web. Read on to find out the critical reasons why your business should invest in content filtering. 

1. Reduced Malware Infections

Specific sites carry a high risk of phishing, ransomware, and other types of malicious software that could do grave damage to your network or devices. In some cases, they may lead to extortion as a cybercriminal might request large sums of money to return vital information. With content filtering, you can avoid malware by blocking access to risky sites. Some forms of filtering are so effective that they can actually stop malware from even reaching your network. Other systems will analyze web pages to determine if there are any threats before letting users proceed.

2. Protection Against Cyber Attacks

Content filtering can reduce malware infections and stop cyber attacks, like exploit kits, from happening. Exploit kits are a unique kind of software attack that uses code to attack a network through browser plugins and extensions. The exploit kit triggers a malware download that can harm your system. Thankfully, content filtering knows how to identify exploit kits and stop them from gaining any access without any actions from your employee. 

3. Network Efficiency

Some websites use more bandwidth than others and can reduce productivity as well. Content filtering can limit access to the sites that hog the bandwidth so that your network stays fast and efficient. Letting your employees know about these sites is helpful to reducing how often people visit them while at work or on your business network. Social media sites like Facebook and YouTube are the biggest culprits of slowing down a network. Not to mention, they typically don’t add to workplace productivity. 

4. Increased Productivity

One of the significant benefits of content filtering for businesses is the increased productivity it creates. When your employees don’t have to waste time trying to figure out if an email has a harmful attachment or if a particular website is safe, they can spend more time doing actual work. Not only will your business be better protected and safe from cyber attacks, but you will find your employees can get their job done better without any potentially dangerous distractions. Content filtering can also block access to sites that are non-work related, such as social media. Keeping an open dialogue with your employees will help them understand the reasoning behind content filtering, especially regarding social sites. 

5. Minimized Company Liability

It’s always essential to protect your employees and your business. One way to do this is by using content filtering to limit any liabilities that could take place over your company’s network or on company devices. Offensive or hateful content and cyberbullying are all concerns in the world today as the presence of technology grows. Make sure your employees are staying safe and not engaging in anything that could be discriminatory by monitoring the information on your business’s network. 

6. Reduce Inappropriate Content

Much like minimizing company liabilities, content filtering can also aid your business in reducing inappropriate content viewed online. Filters will help protect your employees from malicious software attacks while also making sure they don’t access any risky sites with or without knowing it. Keeping your business safe and secure is so important. This starts with your employees who are using the company network and devices to do their work. Having content filters in place will ensure all content viewed at work is appropriate and safe. 

7. Stop Illegal Content

Content filtering can also play a role in stopping any illegal downloads on your business network. Copyrighted materials and other items that may be downloaded illegally won’t get by when you have content filtering in place. Make sure your employees know the rules regarding what content is safe and legal, then put content filtering in place for peace of mind. 

Choosing Content Filtering

Investing in content filtering services can help you avoid falling victim to a costly data breach or malware infection. There’s nothing more important than keeping your company’s data and network safe, especially in this ever-evolving technological world. Choosing an IT provider to help you with all of your IT needs is an intelligent move that will keep your business running smoothly and safely.