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5 Reasons Why You Need Offsite Data Backup

Offsite data backup is becoming the norm for businesses, for a good reason. Backing up your data offsite is a safe way to keep your data out of harm’s way, whether that’s a system malfunction or a natural disaster. It will also allow data access from any location, meaning your company has the freedom to […]

Proactive Measures Against Malware

What is Malware? Malware is a term that comes from combining the two words malicious and software. The broad term malware can refer to any software intended to harm or disrupt a system. It can gain unauthorized access to your device and wreak havoc on your computer. Malware is not just limited to devices but […]

How Secure Are Cloud Services?

Cloud-based storage solutions are quickly becoming a staple for enterprises and organizations everywhere. From giant corporations with multiple headquarters to budding small businesses, everyone needs a safe storage solution for their data and information. With the ever-growing popularity of cloud services, there is also an increasing amount of security concerns surrounding the cloud. Businesses that […]

How to Tell If Your Computer Has Malware

Although efficient software tools exist to prevent the damage that malware can cause in your PC, the truth is that you are never exempt from your computer being targeted by malicious forces intent on hijacking your data. How can you tell if your computer has malware? Malware can make its way into your system so subtly […]

6 Tips for Businesses New to The Cloud

Running a business through the cloud has become increasingly popular in recent years. The cloud’s modern approach allows businesses to operate in a new, efficient way. Not only does the cloud allow companies to store large amounts of data, it is also a cost effective way to conduct business. There are many advantages to utilizing cloud […]

How Often Should You Perform A Data Backup?

Your company’s data is arguably its most valuable asset. For this reason, learning how often you should perform a data backup should be high on the list of your organization’s security priorities. Making backups is about more than just making a copy of files, it is a safety precaution that could save your company should […]

Antivirus Software: Why It Isn’t Enough for Your Business

Antivirus software is a form of defense that protects your business from cybercrime. Without it, your devices are at risk of becoming infected with malware. This danger is especially pressing due to the increasingly intelligent threats presenting challenges to existing antivirus softwares.  It’s apparent that software alone isn’t enough to protect your business from these […]

How to Stop Spam from Clogging Up Your Inbox

Spam takes up precious space in your inbox and makes it difficult to find the emails that legitimately require your attention, especially in a professional setting. Not only that, but it is oftentimes the vehicle through which security problems reach your business’s network. Figuring out how to stop spam from clogging up your inbox can […]

Why Do Businesses Convert to The Cloud?

Are you asking yourself why you should convert to the cloud as part of your business model? Understandably, business owners can be wary of new technology and unfamiliar advancements like this. However, cloud servers represent massive levels of potential.  When you use cloud IT services, you can ensure that you are able to store all […]

What a Technology Assessment Will Tell You About Your Business

A technology assessment will tell you where your IT is lacking. Up-to-date, fully functional technology is essential in virtually every industry today. It plays a huge role in business growth and efficiency, and it’s almost guaranteed that the use of technology in business will become even more prominent as time goes on.  While this is […]