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10 Signs That You Should Switch IT Teams

When you have a high-power team that works hard (whether small and local or large and global), you need an exceptional IT team that has your back 100%. When you don’t, the loss in capacity and productivity are palpable and directly affect your bottom line.

Your tech support relationship should be based on mutual trust, first-rate tools, training, software, and availability to help when you need it! But not every IT team is a perfect fit. How do you know when your relationship with your current IT Team is getting stale and you need to find a group that can meet your growing needs? Here are ten signs your business’s existing IT team is not working out, and it’s time to make a switch to a more reliable service:

1. They Are Not People-Oriented

Some IT companies get so wrapped up in the technology side of things that they forget to address the human component that is often impacted. Both are important. People using the networks and platforms need to be educated to continue doing their jobs to the best of their ability. Your IT team should be your partner in that process.

2. They Lack a Clear Vision

Any change or forward motion in the tech world requires a clear vision. If your IT team lacks that strategic vision, your company’s successful launch of new software and platforms will be less than successful. That is why you should constantly be measuring and evaluating your IT team’s process.  

3. They Don’t See Eye to Eye With Leadership

If management is promoting sweeping changes to one of the company’s platforms, the IT team should first understand why the changes occur. Gaining this knowledge will help the IT team support users and eliminate problems that occur. A slow to respond IT team could be a potential bottleneck.

4. Trust Is Absent

When there is a lack of trust between employees and an IT partner, people will often attempt to fix technical issues themselves rather than call the IT team. Broken trust happens because an unreliable IT team typically has a reputation for being less than helpful. You want an IT partner without long hold times, open tickets, or minimal replies never to be heard from again. A lack of trust with your IT team opens up your business to weakness against cyber threats and online exploitation.

5. They Lack Urgency

When employees face downtime due to a technical issue, your IT team should jump into action to quickly restore productivity and functionality to the employee or groups that are down. Most companies don’t have days or weeks to wait for connections to be repaired.

6. Their Solutions Are One-Size-Fits-All

Every company has different IT needs, and every team and employee within that company has different needs. That is why no tech support can indeed be one size fits all. Your IT support should be based on your goals, be as inclusive as possible, and strive to solve issues quickly when you need it!

7. There Is Too Much Turnover

It’s always a sign of internal strife when a team experiences a high turnover rate, but it can be a challenge to work with an IT team that is constantly training new staff because it means that fewer people have the answers you need. It makes it challenging to get the quality of support that your company requires.

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8. Shifting Blame or Refusal to Take Responsibility When Things Go Wrong

As in any relationship, a good IT team will understand how to take responsibility and get things moving fast if there is ever a problem. They won’t shift the blame to what your employees might have done wrong. Nothing is worse than depending on an IT team that leads your employees to believe they are the problem when it should have been a two-pronged team approach.

9. They Aren’t up to Date on Current Tech Problems

Every day hackers and cybercriminals are constantly inventing new ways to slip past your firewall and steal company information and customer data. Your IT team should have a cutting-edge method for dealing with cyber threats and keeping your business safe so that you can maintain the loyalty of your customers and concentrate on business.

10. They Have Out-of-Date Credentials

Credentials matter in the IT world, and you should look for a certified team with world-class knowledge to handle all the issues that could conceivably arise.

What Should You Look for in an IT Team? 

Now you know what doesn’t work in an IT team, how do you know when you’ve found a tech company that will be your partner on IT solutions and grows with your company?

  • Flexibility

It would be best if you had the flexibility to work at your own pace, and your IT team should continue to function effortlessly, working to keep your network and data completely secure.

  • User friendly 

Your IT team should translate tech-speak into the language your employees can easily understand and deliver actual results.

  • Experienced Technicians

IT technicians should always stay updated on the latest trends in the tech industry, including the credentials and cybersecurity news that can affect your company.

  • Expertise

Your IT team should have years of experience in the industry, allowing them to deliver the best results and always be ready when it’s time to fix an issue. They should also understand the problems that arise with minimal direction, giving you peace of mind that things are in good hands. 

Total IT is that experienced IT team with the flexibility and user-friendly approach to building long-lasting relationships with our clients. We’ve been in the IT service business since 2009, and we work hard to help our clients succeed through technology solutions. Together we can build a relationship that will produce the results you seek.