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Why Your Business Needs These 4 IT Solutions

Due to the impact of COVID-19, many small businesses were pushed online during the early spring of 2020. In order to maintain sales and productivity, many of these businesses partnered with managed services providers to assist them with everything from network connections to data storage and cybersecurity. 

Because of the sudden rise of remote work, criminals are now targeting small businesses who lack proper cybersecurity. In fact, cloud-based attacks rose 630% between January and April 2020. A safe, reliable, and fast IT system is of utmost importance for a small business in order to maximize cybersecurity. 

Here are four IT solutions that your business needs to stay ahead of whatever 2020 throws at it.  

Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions make it easier for your employees to work from anywhere, increasing productivity and communication. You can host all your apps and data online by creating a virtual office that travels wherever you do. Cloud solutions also give you access to a wider pool of potential employees, allowing you to source talent from all over the world. 

Cloud solutions also promote collaboration as documents are easily shared between staff and clients. Additionally, they boost productivity because you don’t need to waste as much time with software or hardware issues. In fact, most web-based software is maintained by the service providers.

Even more, cloud solutions offer more security than local servers. Your data is stored using encrypted disk-based backup archiving solutions with 24/7 security in professional data centers. This way you are guaranteed increased protection of your data. 

Not only is your data protected from breaches, but most IT services will provide network assessments to find flaws and weaknesses in your system before they’re attacked. 


VoIP allows voice calls to be made using an internet connection. Many businesses are now opting for VoIP because of its many benefits. For example, VoIP is great for collaboration, accessibility, and security. Additionally, VoIP increases the quality of your calls while lowering the cost.  

VoIP phone services also offer security advantages over traditional phone systems. These include the real-time monitoring of calling plan usage, strict enforcement of toll-free calls, call encryption, and robust voicemail, and email features. The top VoIP providers also use military-grade security for optimal protection and performance.


Many business owners are mistaken in thinking that their business is too insignificant to be at risk for cybercrime. This is not true, however, as small businesses are at a high risk of cyber attack and they need to take cybersecurity seriously. In fact, in a recent report, 43% of breach victims were small businesses.

It’s vital for small businesses to do all they can to protect their data, as any data loss could result in a halt in business or even bankruptcy. One solution is to protect your business with a Managed Service Provider (MSP). An MSP will be able to provide your company with a business continuity plan and disaster recovery solution that will protect you in the event of a data breach.

An MSP will also implement measures to prevent threats to cybersecurity such as automatic data backups, data encryption, secure storage, and professional protection plans. All businesses need an MSP for cybersecurity in order to protect their data from the latest cyber threats. 

Spam Filtering

Spam filtering tools flag unwanted or dangerous emails from unreliable sources by assessing each email using predefined rules or algorithms. You can automate these rules, meaning your spam is automatically detected, and you can spend more time on your daily duties and responsibilities. 

Spam filters also have an important role to play in cybersecurity for businesses. There are various types of spam filters. Content filters analyze the actual content of messages and look for typical words found in spam emails. 

Header filters check the email header for suspicious data and email addresses. Blacklist filters stop emails coming through from blacklisted IP addresses and. Rule-based filters allow you to customize your own rules to exclude spam.  

These types of IT solutions can benefit your business in a number of ways. They not only help you save time and increase productivity but they are also essential for cybersecurity. Protect your data, system, and staff with the necessary IT solutions for your business.