IT support man taking a nap on a broken laptop.

5 Signs You Need Better IT Support

Most businesses, even smaller ones, rely on a host of technology including the internet and a variety of mobile devices. This means having good IT support is more crucial than ever. It’s easy, though, to let technology slip by the wayside when you’re busy running your company.

If you’re seeing any of these 5 signs, it’s time to improve your IT support.

1. Your Current Services are Expensive and Unpredictable

IT costs include technician labor, technological maintenance, network infrastructure, and hardware expenses. Not only do these costs add up, but they can fluctuate each month depending on what type of tech problems you’ve experienced. You may also be spending an increasing amount of your monthly budget on salaries and benefits for an in-house team of IT people.

You’re also spending money depending on IT employee productivity. To put it plainly – if they’ve got nothing to do, you’re losing money. Outsourcing your IT needs normally means paying a flat rate each month for experienced, expert service that you can use as needed.

2. You’re Not as Competitive as You Should Be

According to NSIS, your IT support should be assisting you in regards to the most advanced technologies that can help support and grow your business.

Using technology to stay competitive goes well beyond making sure the internet is consistently up and running.

Your IT support should do more than just fix your broken technology. They should align your technology with your business goals to drive success. With the right technology at your disposal, you can stay far more competitive.

3. You’ve Outgrown Your Technology

You’re an expert at your business – not the technology that helps it run.

Even something that seems simple (like an operating system upgrade) can be confusing and complex. If your computers, servers, or even your entire network isn’t running on a level that’s keeping up with your business ops, you’re in dire need of an expert IT consultation.

If your IT support isn’t giving that to you… you’re in need of better support.

4. You’re Vulnerable to Hacks and Viruses

If you’ve been hacked or if you’ve experienced malware and viruses during the last year, you definitely need better IT support.

Downtime and data loss can add up to large financial losses for your business. Even if you’ve been fortunate enough to have escaped any major problems so far, you’re taking a big risk.

Not-So-Fun Fact: Costs from cybercrime damage are expected to reach $6 trillion on an annual basis by 2021.

No matter how large or small your business is, cybersecurity should remain a major concern. A managed IT team will reinforce your IT infrastructure to keep even the most prominent threats out.

Again, the key here is proactivity. If you’re waiting for a clean-up squad to fix viruses all the time, you need better IT support.

5. Your Current IT Person Can’t Keep Up

Does it take too long to get a new IT project off the ground?

Does your staff complain about recurring technology issues?

Do you find your IT team simply lacking knowledge on how to do… well, a lot?

If your IT person is simply someone who is “good with computers and software”, you’re almost certainly not getting the type of assistance your business needs.

Even if your IT person is currently doing a decent job, it will be difficult to keep pace if you plan to grow as a business. As your business evolves, new challenges will emerge that will require a team of professionals to keep you on top.


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