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The Ultimate IT Disaster Recovery Checklist

When disasters strike, your business can’t afford to slow down or put operations on hold. Employees, investors, and customers alike rely on your business for a variety of reasons, so you need an action plan to get back up and running right away. Disaster recovery plans are essential for your IT systems. Here, we discuss […]

Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in the Construction Industry

Like every other business, Construction Companies are vulnerable to cyber attacks. As companies grow more reliant on information systems to store and transmit valuable data, the incentive for criminals to steal that data grows with it. Never has cybersecurity been so critical, and the rate of attacks has grown consistently, year on year. A recent […]

5 Ways Outsourcing IT Can Help You Reduce Your IT Costs

As a business owner, you know that IT can be expensive. From hardware to software and maintenance fees, the total cost of ownership for your technology can quickly add up. But there is an alternative: outsourced IT services. Outsourcing your IT needs offers several potential benefits, including reducing costs and allowing you to focus on […]

How Do Managed IT Services Boost Employee Productivity?

Managed IT services can help boost employee productivity in a number of ways. By providing employees with the tools they need to be productive, and improving security and collaboration, a managed services provider (MSP) can help your team work smarter and faster. Additionally, managed IT services can help your business reduce downtime and improve network […]

How Managed IT Services Can Solve The Security Puzzle For Your Dallas Business

The security of your Dallas business is paramount. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches has never been greater. In fact, cyberattacks increased by 38% globally in 2022. When it comes to cyberattacks, small businesses are especially vulnerable to these threats, as their security infrastructure may […]

Why You Need a Business Continuity Plan

As COVID-19 has spread, the futures of businesses around the globe have come under serious threat. Many companies have found themselves underprepared for such a crisis and are now realizing why a business continuity plan is essential. Although no one could have foreseen a worldwide virus shutting down businesses, a business continuity plan does prepare […]

Proactive Measures Against Malware

What is Malware? Malware is a term that comes from combining the two words malicious and software. The broad term malware can refer to any software intended to harm or disrupt a system. It can gain unauthorized access to your device and wreak havoc on your computer. Malware is not just limited to devices but […]

5 Cybersecurity Tips That Can Keep Your Small Business Protected from Cyber Threats

Cybersecurity is an important and often overlooked aspect of small business operations, yet small businesses are prime targets for cyber attacks. Around 43% of data breaches targeted small to mid-size businesses in 2022 and disrupted operations. With small businesses being major targets for cybercriminals, cybersecurity should be a top priority. But how can you protect […]