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4 Tips for Increasing Your Remote Team’s Productivity

With the advent of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the trend towards remote work has suddenly accelerated. Many people are now finding themselves struggling to work productively in a new environment or having a hard time managing their team at a distance.  All businesses are at different stages of this learning curve, and many lack any […]

Why Cloud Services Are Essential for Remote Teams

Cloud services have been around for a while, and many organizations have been gradually expanding the range of cloud services they utilize. But now, with remote work being a necessity, these flexible solutions have become essential. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 4.7 million people were already working remotely in the United States. Technology like cloud solutions, […]

3 Ways Your IT Provider Failed to Prepare You for Coronavirus

There is no doubt the coronavirus has reshaped the world we once knew, especially in the workplace. The number of employees working from home has risen tremendously, and what was once a sought-after perk is now the new normal. Some businesses were able to quickly and effectively transition to remote work at the onset of […]

IT Resources for Healthcare Services Battling COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by surprise. Many healthcare providers and partners are being overwhelmed in their efforts to stem the daily flood of coronavirus cases. And even those who aren’t directly treating the coronavirus are being affected by social distancing mandates and increased cyber attacks. The more healthcare businesses can make use […]

Tips for Coronavirus Remote Work IT Setup

Recent developments in the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) have necessitated the urgent transition to a remote workforce for many businesses. Current regulations in and out of the U.S. range from recommendations to limit social contact to government-mandated quarantines. Even if businesses in your area haven’t yet been required to stop operations at their physical locations, […]

Cyber Threats that Come Through Email

At its best, email spam is an annoyance that clogs up your inbox. At its worst, spam can infect your computers and systems with malware, leaving you, your employees, and your business open to cyber attacks. As hacking becomes more sophisticated, the range of ways that cyber criminals can infiltrate your systems through email. To […]

Top Dallas Cybersecurity Breaches and How They Could Have Been Avoided

According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, Texas consistently places among the top three or four states that suffer the most economic losses from cyber crime. The area including northern Dallas and Fort Worth is referred to as “Silicon Prairie” because of the high concentration of information tech and manufacturing business there, and this […]

Eliminating Business Technology Disruptions: A Guide for Dallas Businesses

Due to its unique position as home to a host of national and multinational businesses, Dallas has always been a point of interest for cybersecurity. It came as a surprise to no one when in 2017, professional services firm Ernst & Young announced their $10 million cybersecurity center project in Dallas to drive business technology […]

Preventing Ransomware: A Guide For Dallas Healthcare & Medical Offices

The healthcare industry is an incredibly complex and fast-paced sector. You understand the importance of conducting continuous research to keep your products and services relevant. But just as new medicines, treatments, and methods are continually being developed, so too are digital and technological tools that streamline healthcare practices and keep your data safe. In fact, […]

Last Call: Windows 7 Is Ending — Upgrade Now Or Face Consequences

As has been grabbing the IT headlines this year, on January 14th, Microsoft will cease to support Windows 7. That means users of this operating system should have already upgraded to Windows 10. If you’re one of the businesses that’s still clinging to Windows 7, this is your last call to upgrade before trouble strikes […]